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O, Solitude; where are you?, I am here to welcome you, come to me like a wind, have a draughty meeting with you. let us be a part of one memory, one sound and one Soul; let us be a companion of each other, you are the only here to listen my voice; whom I tell my signs of woes, whom I share my experience, whom I show my pale face with tears; whose tears are like the drops of sea. whose heart is detached from the body like fish from the sea; whose blood is wandering in hundreds of drops; O, Solitude; Where are you?, Give me Solution, free my soul, O, Solitude; O, Solitude. Chris Danial.
For most of the people, Truth can be a little too hard to swallow. But come on, dare to ask questions and bear with the bitterness, the bitter truth will only heal you and cleanse you to the core.
Behind any successful person, is only their Hard work, Compassion, Self-Confidence, Dedication and Determination. Orphans acquire success too you know. All you need is to stop getting emotionally or otherwise Blackmailed, and Have faith in your decisions. Be free, be Just, and be Logically Sensible.
When I think about her, my mind stop producing ideas; my mind stop giving the appropriate answers of my questions, my mind stop thinking, simultaneously, I consider myself; I am a dead person because I have not got such ability to think well, to perceive well, to solve my own problems well because when I think I am alive when my mind stop thinking; I usually consider myself a poor and useless person. My mind is capable of everything, my past, my future, my present as well. Oh my beloved ! Why you have put me in the grip of troubles; I am not bold enough to face them bravely. I am unable to meet your anger anymore. See my condition, I am totally depressed; my mind is tired of thinking; my heart is useless, it stop producing feelings. Please, have mercy on this dead person. -Chris Danial
There may be uncountable reason for a man to blame for his failure. Humans sometimes desire as high as mountains, they love someone beyond their expectations. They are made to believe, no one can love as they lover her/him, they are made to believe, they have desires, the dreams, they have seen, the promises that they have kept with their selves that will be fulfilled at all cost. But whatever is written in the book of their lives; they are unaware, they are quite  unable to add or make change in it. No doubt, humans are created in order to make a differences. They have within their power to change the life. When they lead a life of permanent purpose, people change. When they understand every action matters, every result of their actions immediately improve and deciding to do something will make the difference. Their spirit, thoughts, feelings, their desires, their ability to reason as well. May be the cause of making difference in their selves . Sometimes, they all are used in the sh
‪#‎ LAte‬  Night Feelings  :( Let me free my soul, let me put your all sorrows in the tank of my heart, Let me tell you that my entire life is to be sacrificed for the sake yourself. Let me promise myself that your name will never be erased from my heart. Let me create the tank of feelings in my heart. let me dwell my soul in two bodies, Let me recall the past memories which were spent by us. let me cut my soul, Let me bring me up beyond your expectations. Let me put myself in the soul of your arms. let me touch my lips with the lips of yours, Let me give myself the world’s best comfort as i never felt. let me lost myself in the dreams of yours from where i never comeback, Let me take an oath that i will true to be my word. Let me give myself, the real test of love. At the end, I wish i were die; while losing myself in your dreams, while touching your lips, while sucking your tears from your eyes, while making myself a real hero of your love story. -Chris Danial.
Oh! My God: I want to die, I want to taste the taste of rest, I want to go a head in order to give myself an appropriate comfort; which i have failed to find here. Still I am quite unable to find the purpose of my life, yet, my soul is wandering like a bird with broken wings, My feelings has been killed, My heart is tired of waiting her partner, My mind has been stopped thinking, it is busy in recalling your memories. Oh! My God, Now, It is high time to be written her name in the book of my life, I know, I am the worst person on this earth, i am the person whom you abominate, I am the person whom you usually left in the lurch, throw numberless stones upon me, Usually makes me the victim of realization. Oh! My God, I usually considered myself lucky enough to have you, to feel you, to kiss you, to meet you, to touch you, and above all, I am the person who is among the offspring of Hazarat Adam (R.A). But now time has been become So terrible for me, Now I consider myself bad enough to t